Podiatric Surgeon on UFOs and Aliens

Thought I would share this interesting article with you.

The Friday morning edition of Today (13th January 2012) featured an article on Dr Roger Leir.  Dr Leir is a podiatric surgeon living in California who has a consuming interest in UFOs and has operated on 15 patients removing alien implants from them.  These implants are said to be of a metallic nature but covered with an organic material, and according to Dr Leir, have been sent to eminent research institutions in America for analysis.  Dr Leir is the author of several books including “The Aliens and the Scalpel”, “Alien Implants” and “Chopped Liver”, an anthology written by 52 different authors edited by Dr Leir.  While Dr Leir certainly presents a refreshingly new approach to the use of podiatric surgery, he addresses a theory which is really killed by some, and held in fierce belief by others.

Time will tell.

Barry Francis  “The Foot Surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic

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