Treatment of Verrucare

Mr Francis the foot surgeon thought he would share this recent article appeared in last week’s Mail on Sunday regarding the treatment of verrucae.  This article dealt with some types of treatment, including over the counter products, as well as the application of acids by chiropodists/podiatrists and cryotherapy.  The author, who is a podiatrist, was pessimistic about outcomes and suggested that because verrucae rarely cause difficulty they should probably be left alone.  Other complementary treatments like banana skins were also dismissed.  Unfortunately, I do not totally agree with the ideas put forward.  First of all, many verrucae are treated, not because they are present, but because they are painful and certainly in the adult and quite often in the young person they are present for quite long periods.  In this practice when we feel that verrucae are very resistant to treatment we will often suggest a background homeopathic remedy and also supply a treatment which may be one of the ones mentioned above or possibly excision and cautery which are carried out using local anaesthetic.  The success rate for these treatments is high although there is often quite a large inconvenience factor as well.  However, I would suggest that before any active treatment is started a little time be left to elapse and certainly at the beginning all verrucae should be treated with simple over the counter remedies.  The best ones are probably based on salicylic acid.  We are always happy to discuss treatment options at the Fyfield Clinic.

Until the next time Barry Francis the foot surgeon.

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