Right Foot Update by Joseph Loria

Right foot update by Joseph Loria after his Hyprocure Implant Opperation by Mr Barry Francis the foot surgeon at the Fyfield Clinic

My 3rd & final review appointment took place in November, 2 months following the initial procedure. Mr Francis confirmed everything was going to plan and we discussed possible dates for the left foot. I was keen to have it performed before Christmas, allowing a fresh start to the New Year and to avoid recovery during the colder winter months. Also, I felt the noticeable improvement of my right foot starting to tail off and knew the back/pelvic symptoms wouldn’t be fully resolved until both feet were corrected. I still relied on a crutch at this stage, although it was mainly used for balance rather than to limit any pain. A date was then arranged for early December, roughly 3 months since the 1st operation.

Left foot surgery

The ‘Hyprocure’ surgery was carried out at the same clinic as before and the day’s proceedings followed similar suit to the previous date (please see my ‘day of surgery’ post below for full details). It was slightly quicker this time and felt more relaxing. Having previous experience of the procedure contributed to this as it eliminated any nervousness towards the event. A smaller implant was required for this foot and I left using crutches once Mr Francis and his colleague were happy with the outcome.

As with the surgery itself, the recovery period was smoother due to knowing what to expect; therefore enabling me to prepare myself more efficiently. I eased off the painkillers/anti-inflammatories earlier this time and taking a short course of ‘Arnica’ without delay helped reduce the bruising present. My home was better organised and even though it was certainly frustrating having to remain in bed again, I felt positive I’d recover quicker now both feet were corrected. The 1st review appointment was scheduled for 2 weeks following the operation as it wasn’t necessary to return after a week. Coming from quite a distance away, this was convenient for me.

Returning to the Fyfield clinic involved the removal of the suture and a redressing once the incision area had been checked. I was now ready to progress to wearing the ‘Aircast’ boot until the return to regular footwear could be made. Mr Francis advised a final review for the end of January, 6 weeks away. My foot has improved considerably since setting the date and all alignment issues are gradually being resolved. I sit with better posture and my breathing is deeper/less jagged. I’m confident these factors are directly related to having the surgery and hope the benefits continue steadily into next year.

For more help, information and advice please do not hesitate to contact Mr Barry Francis the foot surgeon and his staff at the Fyfield Clinic, London.

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