Sue Knott weeks 8,9 and 10

Following on from Sue Knotts Hyprocure implant opperation the persional thoughts over the past 3 weeks direct from Sue.

Weeks 8 & 9 thankfully saw the pain in the metatarsal joint gradually diminish to the point where it no longer radiated down towards the toe and walking was easier. Once again my foot was a lovely shade of green, having been bruised by the injection, and slightly swollen. Although the wound from the incision has healed nicely and is very neat, there is a lump beneath and it is still sore to touch. I now have full movement in my toes again. Jarring my foot when trying to reach the letterbox to retrieve the mail before Rufus the demented family Cocker Spaniel taught me a salutary lesson in not running before I can walk! Mr Francis rang twice to check on my progress which he is happy with and I have an appointment to see him again in early December.

Week 10 has been the best so far. The bruising and swelling has gone and when pottering about at home I am walking normally without a limp. My routine fitness test has been a trip to the local supermarket for grocery shopping each week. Although this was a painful experience in weeks 8 and 9, I am happy to report that this week it was relatively pain-free. Today (the day after my supermarket trip) the ankle is a little sore so I have been resting it at intervals. Providing the soreness subsides I will continue with short walks from now on as I cannot see how the foot will get back to normal unless it is exercised and becomes used to the stent and new walking position.

For further help and information please do not hesitate to contact “the foot surgeon” Mr Barry Francis and his staff.

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1 Response to Sue Knott weeks 8,9 and 10

  1. Sue fishburn says:

    Very interested to read accounts. I am currently ten days post op and have begun to ‘heel walk’ with crutches but have a ring of pain around my ankle and have needed painkillers. I am assuming I need to work and ‘walk’ through the pain?

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