Sue Knott week 5,6 and 7

A personal note from “the foot surgeon” Mr Barry Francis about the unusual complication of Sue’s Hyprocure Implant recovery at the end of week 5,6 and 7 direct from Sue Knott.

“Week 5 was not as good as expected.  The pain I first experienced close to the wound site when wearing the Aircast did not disappear even though I had stopped wearing the boot.  The foot was swollen and tender and I continued to have limited movement in the outer three toes which feel slightly numb.  I discussed this with my local podiatrist who felt that it was early days in the healing process with the swelling possibly pressing on the tendons and nerves in the area and that things would likely improve over time.

I therefore decided to do what I thought my foot was telling me to which was to rest it as much as possible so as not to aggravate things any further.  In addition to taking anti-inflammatory medication again, I used an ice pack on the area regularly and kept it elevated to reduce the swelling.

Week 6 and, although the swelling had reduced, I was still finding it painful to walk on the foot and limping slightly when getting about.  I continued with the treatment regime mentioned in Week 5 but, despite two brief pain-free periods lasting a couple of hours each, the pain refused to go.  It’s hard to know whether the tenderness in the area was caused or simply exacerbated by the Aircast boot, but the fact remains that it did not disappear in the two weeks that I had been boot-free.  I have to say that at this point I felt quite despondent.

Week 7 I travelled to the Enfield clinic to discuss my progress with Mr. Francis.  Examination of the foot showed that the pain is located at the base of the fourth metatarsal and radiates down the foot to the toe.  On a more positive note, an X-ray confirmed that the Hyprocure stent is in the correct position which was good news.  I had laser treatment whilst at the clinic which is used to promote healing and picked up the rigid orthoses which Mr. Francis would like me to use for a few months whilst the ankle gets used to the new position. 

When I returned to the clinic three days later Mr. Francis had, as promised, shown my X-ray results to a colleague who confirmed that the
operation to insert the stent had gone well and that it was in the correct
position.  In addition to a further laser treatment Mr. Francis then
injected the affected area at the base of the fourth metatarsal with local
anaesthetic and asked me to walk around the block to see whether this brought about any improvement in the pain level which would confirm that this was indeed the problem which needed to be resolved.  The pain did improve and I completed my walk slowly, but without limping.  I agreed with Mr. Francis that the best course of action would be to have a cortisone injection placed in the joint which would ease the pain and reduce the
inflammation.  He did point out that relief would not be instant and that
things would get worse before they got better.  How much worse I was to
find out later that night.

I arrived home in the early evening and, although the foot ached, it was certainly bearable.  Unfortunately, as the local anaesthetic wore off over the subsequent hours the pain gradually intensified to a point where at 4 am, despite having taken two lots of painkillers,  it reached a peak and was absolutely excruciating.  I eventually nodded off at 5 am and am writing this blog now after two hours sleep. Happily, the aching and pain has receded and when I’m off the foot there is minimal discomfort.  It does still hurt when I walk so I’ve gone back to using one of the crutches as a support until things settle down further. They say there’s no gain without pain.  Well, I’ve certainly had the pain and am now  looking forward to the gain!”

From Barry Francis, “Sue suffered an unusual complication following the surgery which was probably connected with the use of the boot.  I spoke to her this morning which is now some four days after the injection and, although not completely resolved, things have
improved a lot for her and she is feeling much happier.”

For more help and advice on Hyprocure Implants please do not hesitate to contact Mr Barry Francis and his team at the Fyfield Clinic .

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