Week 3 – 5 from Joseph Loria

Joseph Loria Weeks 3-5 direct from Joe on his Hyprocure implant surgery by Mr Barry Francis.

A great deal of week 3 was spent walking for long periods using the ‘Aircast’ and crutches. It is becoming second nature now and rarely notice any discomfort in my ankle region. I still elevate my foot occasionally as it swells if I remain on it too often. At the end of the week I removed the dressing and applied the plaster over the incision area as directed. The wound is healing well and my foot displays a noticeable arch and straight ankle. I am also happy to be able to use the bath again as this helps release a lot of the tension built up from using the crutches.

I continued into week 4 in much the same vein; progressing with the walking and elevating
as necessary. There is more freedom in my ankle without the dressing and this makes wearing the boot a lot easier. As each day passes, the perceived flexibility increases as I begin to stand more comfortably at a right angle to the floor. I also notice my weight distribution is towards the outside of the foot, which I recognize is a common issue during the early stages following surgery. By the end of the week I feel confident enough to try replacing the ‘Aircast’ with regular footwear.

Week 5 began by wearing trainers momentarily to see how I could cope. I have a wide
fitting pair with plenty cushioning which helped the transition as the boot is very forgiving. Initially, I felt a minor pain set back due to the latter being so supportive and managed this by taking the first few days very slowly. Wearing thick socks softens the impact and now at roughly a month since the operation, I am pleased to be back in trainers and glad the recovery has been so rapid. The remainder of the week was spent building on this improvement.

There is fair way to go until I reach full fitness, highlighted by the amount of back/neck ache I frequently have. My pelvis remains constantly rotated despite being manipulated in the past and I am hoping these symptoms will be addressed once the left foot surgery I plan to have is performed. I notice how much it pronates now in comparison to the corrected foot and am keen to see how the upcoming procedure completes the picture. I will continue using crutches for the next 3 weeks until the next appointment with Mr Francis is due.

For more information on Hyprocure Implant Surgery please do not hesitate to contact direct Mr Barry Francis the foot surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic.

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