Hyprocure Implant

Following on from the testimonaial and first week from Susan here is week 2.

“Week 2 began with a trip to my local podiatrist to have the dressing changed and to be fitted with a boot supplied by Mr. Francis.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the image conjured up by the word “boot” is certainly not the jaw-dropping, knee high contraption I was presented with! 

I’m now the proud owner/user of an Aircast XP Walker Extra Pneumatic which takes a little while to get on and inflated correctly each time, but makes it amazingly easy to get around on two feet again.  Having nothing at all in common with a mountain goat when it comes to sure-footedness, I’d put off trying to shower balancing on one leg for fear of slipping.   However, although it’s a bit of a struggle to get the recommended Limbo waterproof cast protector over the Aircast, it is manageable and having a shower for the first time in what seems like forever was very nice. 

At the moment wearing the boot does aggravate the wound site which starts to throb after a short while. Leaving it on whilst resting (even if deflated) is also not very comfortable as the foot is kept at a rigid right angle position to the leg and everything goes numb unless you constantly wiggle your toes.   I therefore tend to take it off and rest at regular intervals which keeps the discomfort to a minimum.  Hopefully, as the wound heals completely the soreness when wearing the boot will subside.  In any event, life is definitely much easier with the mobility that the Aircast provides.”

Susan Knott

For more help and advice on Hyprocure Implants please do not hesitate to contact Mr Bary Francis “the foot surgeon” at eithe the Fyfield Clinic in Enfield or in Harley Street, London.

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