Flat Feet by Joseph Loria Week 1.

Another great Testimonial about Mr Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” and the Hyprocure Implant service at the Fyfield Clinic. My name is Joe and I am a 31 yr old male. I chose the ‘Hyprocure’ sinus tarsi implant in an attempt to stabilise my ‘flat feet’ and relieve their associated symptoms. This blog documents my progress and aims to help anyone considering the operation.

Day of surgery

As it was possible to have the procedure performed under local anaesthetic, I ate and drank as normal ahead of my appointment. Upon arrival I was greeted by Mr Francis and his team who discussed the surgery and informed of any potential complications before welcoming any final questions. I was offered refreshments and plenty reassurance which helped matters. I was then taken into a room adjacent to the operating theatre and given the anaesthetic in the ankle region of my right foot. There was roughly 15 mins waiting here then I was moved through. During the operation, the screen was drawn across the surgical area and I read a newspaper to try and focus my attention elsewhere. It took 20 mins to complete and felt no discomfort. The team checked I was happy throughout and
brought me back to the previous area once the suture and dressing had been applied. Mr Francis then prescribed a short course of painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. A team member took an x-ray and fitted an open-ended sock/post-operative shoe ready to be discharged. The whole process was a pain free experience, delivered in good spirits in under an hr. I left using the self provided crutches and rested in the back of the car with my leg elevated for the return journey. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in
bed. I woke a few times during the night due to a mixture of soreness and difficulty finding a comfortable resting position.

Week 1

I felt pain and tenderness in my ankle the morning after though this soon subsided once I took the medication. The vast majority of the day was spent in bed only moving to use the bathroom. I created a temporary living space downstairs ahead of surgery with everything close to hand. This made a considerable difference as attempting the stairs later in the week proved to be such an ordeal. Learning to accept the limitations was frustrating initially as I tend to move around a lot and tried to resist remaining stationary. I was also lucky to have a parent at home to provide meals and company. Mr Francis’ P.A called
to enquire how I was feeling and check the operation went well. The whole week’s events generally mirrored this day; immersing myself in media whilst elevating my foot and taking the medication. In hindsight, I could have eased off the tablets after a few days and became slightly more active as the pain and swelling had greatly diminished by this time. I was perhaps overcautious due to it being a new experience and for fear of migrating the stent. My sleep became more restful with each night and as the follow up appointment
approached, I felt much stronger and more positive. The return to the clinic involved a redressing and check of the incision area. Everything was fine and I was issued an ‘Aircast’ to resume walking, still aided by crutches for balance and weight distribution. Mr Francis advised switching to mild pain killers and ‘Arnica’ to reduce the bruising still present. A further review was made for a week’s time.

Joseph Loria

This testimonial from Joseph will continue about Hyprocure Implant and Mr Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” and his staff at the Fyfield Clinic Enfield and 9 Harley Street, London.

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