Flat Feet 2 by Joseph.

Joseph Loria Hyprocure implant surgery 

Week 2

The main concern this week was to become accustomed to the ‘Aircast’ and mobilise myself as much as possible. I began by walking the length of my hallway for short
periods of time at regular intervals throughout the day. I tried to structure it sensibly to avoid over doing it and gauge how I was recovering. The first few days felt like bearing weight on a sprained ankle although this settled once I built some momentum. I then progressed to circling the outside of my house around midweek and gradually felt less inhibited by the boot. Towards the latter stages of the week I noticed a marked improvement not only in pain reduction but natural walking motion also. The ‘Arnica’ helped with the bruising and I took Paracetamol sparingly to alleviate my long term back
trouble, stemming from being ‘flat footed’ and hyper mobile. By the time I was due back to see Mr Francis at the Fyfield Clinic for my second review I was leading a more ‘normal’ lifestyle and socialised a lot more. The follow up involved removal of the suture and a final redressing. Mr Francis was happy with the healing rate and advised wearing the ‘Aircast’ for approximately 2 additional weeks until the transition to wearing regular footwear could be made. The redressing will be replaced in a week’s time with a plaster to cover the incision area and I must continue using crutches for the short term. The next review appointment takes place in 6 weeks. My aim now is to really step up the walking to see how much recovery can be achieved by this date.

Joseph Loria

For more help and advice please do not hesitate to contact Mr Barry Francis “the Foot Surgeon” and his staff at the Fyfield Clinic Enfield or at Number 9 Harley Street, London.

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