Mr Barry Francis the foot surgeon” thought he would put a recent testimonial from Sue Knott on a Hyprocure Implant.

“I have worn expensive custom-made orthotics for several years now and, although they relieved a lot of the discomfort I experienced daily due to hyperpronation, this never truly disappeared.  Wearing fashionable shoes with a small heel at my son’s wedding for a few hours resulted in no sleep at all that night due to aching and a throbbing pain which did not respond to painkillers and only subsided with a few days rest.  At that point it was either continue wearing flat shoes with orthotics to keep the discomfort minimal or investigate a more suitable and, hopefully, successful alternative.

An internet search led me to the Hyprocure site and eventually, through a local podiatrist, to Barry Francis.  X-rays and an ultrasound were carried out to make sure I was a suitable candidate for the procedure and, this being the case, the surgery took place on 8 September 2011.

I felt at ease at the clinic as the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the only slight discomfort I experienced during the whole procedure was the administration of local anaesthetic injections prior to having the stent inserted.  Probably my biggest fear at having the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic was that the latter might not work effectively, but Mr. Francis tested several areas around the operation site prior to making the first incision and I can honestly say that, other than being aware that something was being done to my foot through feeling pressure being exerted, I was in no pain at all from start to finish.  The operation is quite quick and, in fact, the longest part of the procedure is having the anaesthetic
injected and waiting for it to take full effect.  A post-op X-ray was taken to confirm that the stent was in the correct position and, with my foot heavily bandaged and sporting a trendy velcro fastening black boot, I was discharged home to the sofa with the instruction to remain non-weight bearing on the foot for a full seven days.

Six days later I can report that, aside from numbness in three toes which has now gone, I’ve experience very little discomfort from the foot itself, despite having to stop taking the co-codamol painkillers after one day as they made me feel queasy and lightheaded.  I’ve continued to take the anti-inflammatory medication three times a day and, apart from slightly swollen toes which appear to be turning green with bruising and muscles I never knew I had strained from trying to get about on crutches, I’m getting along just fine
with no other painkilling medication.”

Sue Knott

For help and advice please do not hesitate to contact Mr Barry Francis the foot surgeon” or his staff at The Fyfield Clinic, Enfield or in Harley Street, London. For details please visit our website at www.thefootsurgeon.co.uk

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