Toe Deformities

Once again Mr Barry Francis “the foot Surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic refers to a recent article in the daily press regarding the correction of toe deformities (hammer toes and the like) by minimal incision surgery.  This was an interesting article particularly as it was written by an orthopaedic surgeon, although the initial work into minimal incision surgery was in fact carried out in the US by podiatric surgeons some 20 odd years ago.  Mr Francis has long used minimal incision surgery at the Fyfield Clinic to deal with a variety of foot problems.  Not every patient is suitable for this approach and careful evaluation is always made before the recommendation is given.  As far as correction of toe deformities is concerned we have modified the minimal incision approach a little.  We believe now that we can offer a procedure where any scars are hidden and are minimal in size in any event
with good correction.  In most cases the use of a k-wire or other metalwork is not required and we hope to maintain flexibility of the toe wherever possible, although this is not always the case.

The procedure of cutting bone away and leaving a space rather than fusing it with a k-wire is one which has been long advocated by podiatric surgeons and used since they first introduced this form of treatment in the early seventies. It is good to see the wider medical/surgical community accepting its use in toe correction.  Further information
regarding these types of procedures may be had either at a consultation or from our website at

Until the next time from Mr Barry Francis and the team at the Fyfield Clinic Enfield and Harley Street London.


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