Woman’s feet

Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic refers to an article on the increasing size of Woman’s feet in the Daily Mail of Monday 8th August 2011, they discussed in “Life
& Style” the increasing size of women’s feet and how difficult it was to obtain shoes.  The writer, Ellen Burgess who is a size nine, first noticed the size of her feet as a child when she saw that a boy in her school was wearing the same pair of Hush Puppies as herself.  She longed to wear prettier, more feminine type shoes.  She remembered from her childhood some poetry including a quote from Frida Wolfe’s Choosing Shoes: “Flat shoes, Fat shoes, Stump-along-like-that shoes, Wipe-them-on-the-mat shoes.  That’s the sort they’ll buy”.  She goes on to describe how difficult it is to buy feminine shoes in her size and finished by
saying that she is largely restricted now to Clarks, Birkenstocks and Converse trainers.  She has custom-made Trippen boots and a pair of Tracey Neuls pumps.

Until the next time Barry Francis “the foot surgeon”


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