Hot of the press

Mr Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” noticed in Saturday’s papers this article as reported in the Daily Mail on 23/7/11 that Sandie Shaw, the singer, was performing at the Glenfiddich Mojo Awards ceremony.  It was noted that Sandie had swapped her trademark shoeless style for a pair of black high-heeled sandals for the event which took place in East London.  Miss Shaw, who had a number one hit with Always Something There to Remind Me, revealed she had undergone surgery on her feet.  She told how surgeons had shortened one toe and straightened another as well as removing her bunions.  She said “I like my face but I’ve never liked my feet.  I gave it to myself as a present.  It was a full foot lift – they are divine”.

If you have similar dreams, why not speak to us and see if we can help. To contact Mr Barry Francis “the Foot Surgeon” at either the Fyfield Clinic, Enfield or Harley Street, London.

Telephone:  Fyfield Clinic, 0208 363 4808    Harley Street, 0207 079 2100


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