Eye Scan

Another up to date tip from Mr Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” about research by scientists in the US has revealed that a straightforward eye scan could help detect the first signs of nerve damage caused by diabetes (neuropathy).
The study published by Optometry and Vision Science reviewed work done on ophthalic markers of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in an attempt to offer a speedy way to screen for diabetes related nerve damage during regular eye tests.  Diabetic neuropathy is seen as
one of the main long-term complications of Type 2 diabetes, affecting around half of all people with diabetes.  A break through involved innovative techniques to show how diabetic neuropathy is linked to degradation of the corneal nerves, as well as reduced corneal sensitivity and peripheral visual field loss. If these factors can be combined in an eye test that detects diabetic nerve damage at an early stage, it will mean a reduction in the amount of difficult nerve biopsies carried out for detecting DVN.

The last few blog postings from Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” based at the Fyfield Clinic in Enfield and in Harley Street, London have been about research on looking after your health.

Until the next time Barry,



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