An Apple a Day!

Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” would like to bring to your attention today about eating an pple a day is shown to help cholesterol levels.  A new study has revealed that the health benefits of apples are not an old wives tale but a scientific reality.  A study led by Bahram Arjmandi of the Department of Nutrition Food and Exercise Sciences at Florida State University, focused on the long-term cardio protective benefits of eating an apple every day for post-menopausal women.  There were 160 women aged between 45 and 65 monitored in two groups.  One group consumed dry apples each day for a year. The other group received dried prunes daily for a year with blood samples taken regularly.  Apples were shown to lower the levels of bad cholesterol and contained pectin and polyphenols that helped to improve lipid metabolism and reduce the production of pro inflammatory molecules.

Bahram Arjamandi commented that incredible changes in the apple eating group had happened by six months.  They experienced a 23% decrease in LDL cholesterol.  The group that ate apples also showed a reduction in lipid hyper peroxide levels and C-reactive protein.

So please remember the next time you visit your local Fruit and Veg store or Supermarket that my be it’s not an old wives tale about an apple a day will keep the Doctor away, think healty eating.

Until the next time Barry Francis “the foot Surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic, Enfield and in Harley Street


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