Before your Running Shoes

Todays advice from Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” before you put your trainers or walking shoes on this summer, make sure you are prepared.

As summer brings us the opportunity to wear a wide range of footwear and of course the possibility of more activity, particularly sports and walking.  Whilst comfortable shoes and careful and pain-free chiropody are important in maintaining our foot health, there are other things which may be available.  One of these is a foot cream.  Akileine provide a whole range of high quality foot creams, including one for tired and hot feet.  A range of others are also available.  The Akileine product for tired and hot feet contains blackcurrant leaf and butcher’s broom and provides a pleasant perfume, an effective antidote for working feet. It is a good idea to also use a high quality foot powder (you must use this sparingly) and sprinkle this inside the shoe and also lightly sprinkle or dust between the toes.  We have a good quality produce here at Fyfield Clinic which contains tea tree oil, which is a good disinfectant and anti-fungal agent.

If you need more help and advice please do not hesitate to contact Barry Francis “the foot surgeon” based at the Fyfield clinic, Enfield and in Harley Street, London.

Until the next time Barry.

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