Summer Time

This week Barry Francis is getting into the Summer sprit as once again summer gives us the opportunity for more activity and the chance to wear open shoes to give our feet a bit of freedom and air.  Unfortunately increased activity and the wearing of flip-flop type sandals or shoes also produces irritation around the heel resulting in dry skin which may on occasion crack or fissure.  This can be uncomfortable and unsightly and on rare occasions can provide the opportunity for infection.  There are a few tips for preventing or
dealing with this if you have it.  After you have had a bath or shower you should use one of the skin files that are widely available.  If you can’t find one, we have them in stock here at the Clinic. Pumice would make a good substitute but has to be used whilst the feet are wet.  After damp drying your feet apply a good targeted cream such as CCS Heel Balm, leaving this for about 30 seconds to a minute before rubbing into skin. You will need to do this every night for a week then you will be able to cut down the frequency to 2-3 times a week.
You will need to continue this process however throughout the summer months particularly.  Other products are available but you should ensure that they are intended for use on the heel rather than just general foot creams.

Until the next time Barry Francis “The Foot Surgeon” at The Fyfield Clinic, Enfield and Harley Street.

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