Verrucas or plantar warts are an all year round problem, mainly affecting younger people, but can be present in the whole age range.  They may or may not be painful.  Infection is by contact and they are probably mainly picked up in gyms, swimming pools, and other places where damp feet are in contact with the floor.

The viral infection which causes the wart results in a change in the way the skin grows from its base layer. Typically, you will get warts which are quite regular (round) in shape,
although they may not conform to this pattern and can be irregular and scattered as in a “mosaic” wart. Verrucae should not be picked as it is possible to transfer the infection to hands or mouth.

Treatment options include over the counter treatments which normally contain an agent called salicylic acid.  Home freezing kits are also available.  If the verruca does not respond to these types of treatment then professional help is available here at the Fyfield Clinic.

Our treatments include potential cautery, that is, treatment with various types of acid, cryotherapy (freezing), excision and cautery under local anaesthetic, and for the stubborn cases, treatment with low-power laser may be helpful.

Full details will be given at your consultation by Mr Barry Francis and or his staff at the Fyfield Clinic as to the best options for you together with an explanation of how the treatments work and any possible downsides.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Foot Surgeon Barry Francis at the Fyfield Clinic either in Harley Street, London or Enfield.

Until the next time Barry.

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