Painful toenails

Painful toenails and advice from Barry Francis “The Foot Surgeon” at the Fyfield Clinic. With the warmer weather often comes the pain of ingrown or excessively curved toenails.  Painful nails can be caused by bad cutting, by injury, or by changes that come with age and use, and with certain occupations the use of steel capped shoes and various sports.  At the Fyfield Clinic we are able to diagnose and treat all types of nail problems, even badly affected ingrown toenails.  Treatments can range from high quality chiropody, use of thermal correction (non-surgical) or surgical procedures of various types to correct and cure these painful problems.  This type of surgery is performed on a day case basis usually under local anaesthetic and has excellent outcomes.  Different types of procedure are available according to the particular presentation.  You will be advised at the time of consultation as to what might be the most appropriate approach for you.  In addition to ingrown toenails we are able to offer advice and treatment for other conditions such as fungal nails.  After a diagnosis which may involve taking nail scrapings and having these reported on by the laboratory, we would be able to advise you on the best type of treatment.  This could be by the use of paints or lacquers, systemic medication (by mouth), or occasionally we may advise a special kind of laser which has recently been introduced for this troublesome problem.  If you have nail problems, we are here to help at the Fyfield Clinic.

More to come from The Foot Surgeon Mr Barry Francis.

10 Harley, Street London and The Fyfield Clinic Endfield

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