Balls of their feet

Many patients coming to see us at the Fyfield Clinic Enfield complain of pain beneath the balls of their feet (metatarsalgia).  Some of these cases are caused by over-use or loss of the fibro fatty padding (cushioning) from particular areas of the soles of their feet, normally beneath the joint situated at the base of the 2nd toe.  Treatments are numerous and of course include the use of insoles or orthotics.  We now however have a new treatment available at the Clinic which may well be of great assistance to some patients, although not all.  This is the injection of a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane) to the under part of the foot.  This is performed under local anaesthetic.  The hyaluronic acid is a substance which occurs widely throughout the body and therefore is “natural” and will degrade in a normal manner.  It is normally effective for approximately six to eight months, although this figure will vary depending upon the amount of use.  It may well be of assistance to those who have either lost their fibro fatty padding or wear high heels for long periods and develop pain in the balls of their feet.  It is a time limited treatment but we feel may be of interest to some of our patients, and the particulars can be obtained from the Fyfield Clinic.  Mr Francis administers this treatment.


The journal The New Scientist reported that walking on cobbles may actually be good for us.  Their report states that walking on wobbly surfaces keeps the foot exercised and healthy.  “The feet of a typical urbanite rarely encounter terrain any more undulating than a crack in the pavement” says the report.  This strengthens the view that walking on uneven surfaces like this is much better than spending the whole time walking on flat floors or perfect pavements.

More to come from The Foot Surgeon.

Barry Francis at The Fyfield Clinic.

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