Heel pain.

One of the commonest complaints experienced by our patients is morning heel pain and discomfort from the tendo Achilles, particularly at the base. Standard treatment for these conditions has included injections, orthoses, physiotherapy and a measure of good luck. We have available at the Fyfield Clinic the latest treatment for these painful conditions which has a high rate of success and does not require any kind of analgesia or incapacity. The machine utilizes extra corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). It works by emitting high energy shock waves delivered to the tissue via the surface of the skin which activates self-healing procedures where pain occurs so that the blood circulation and formation of new vessels improves the local metabolism. This helps to activate cell generation and assists in dissolving calcium deposits. Therefore the causes of chronic pain can be eliminated even in a short period of time, so no surgery therefore no risk, no medication therefore no side effects, and no hospital admission so no complications. Further details of this procedure can be obtained from the clinic.

Footnote: It is a little known fact that Jane Russell, the actress, was plucked from obscurity into fame at the age of 19 when she was working as a chiropodist’s assistant in California.

More to come fron The Foot Surgeon.

Barry Francis.

The Fyfield Clinic.

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